Sanie Shoaib Bokhari was born in Lahore, Pakistan. After studying art at National College of Arts, she has exhibited her work in several galleries in Lahore and has been travelling overseas which greatly influenced her work.

For her, grey and white is the basis of creation and extinction. White gives birth to all color and grey can mute it just as easily. In reconciling the religious morality of a country like Pakistan with her seemingly blasphemous desire to create, she found an outlet in the very two colors that paint the undertones of everything.

Keeping these themes in mind, she uses wood as a surface that gives her room to design each structure in a way, that gives the painting a three dimensional feel to it. She takes inspiration from the basic 3-D things that surround her, like sliding doors, cupboards, tables, etc. Picking on these things, she combines it with her oil painted visuals.